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#177 -- Christ, whose glory fills the skies -- Tune: Heathlands Search!

#325 -- Eternal Father, strong to save -- Tune: Melita Search!

#333 -- I sing the almighty power of God -- Tune: Forest Green Search!

#338 -- Let all things now living -- Tune: Ash Grove Search!

#339 -- Who made the earth and the heaven -- Tune: He's Got The Whole World Search!

#391 -- O Holy Spirit, Root of life -- Tune: Otterspoor Search!

#491 -- God bless your church with strength -- Tune: Ich Halte Treulich Still Search!

#493 -- How blessed are the ones who hear -- Tune: Crediton Search!

#498 -- Sing them over again to me -- Tune: Words Of Life Search!

#504 -- This is a story full of love -- Tune: Timothy Search!

#768 -- Sometimes a healing word is comfort -- Tune: Wer Nur Den Lieben Gott Search!

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