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#120 -- Lo! Christ comes with clouds -- Tune: Helmsley Search!

#158 -- The hands that first held Mary's child -- Tune: Noel Search!

#205 -- O love, how deep, how broad, how high -- Tune: Puer Nobis Nascitur Search!

#210 -- Man of sorrows, wondrous name -- Tune: Man Of Sorrows Search!

#219 -- A stable lamp is lighted -- Tune: Tollefson Search!

#356 -- You, Lord, are both lamb and shepherd -- Tune: Paradox Search!

#399 -- Spirit, Spirit of gentleness -- Tune: Spirit, Spirit Of Gentleness Search!

#643 -- Lift high the cross -- Tune: Crucifer Search!

#702 -- Dear Christ, uplifted from the earth -- Tune: Dunlap's Creek Search!

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