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#400 -- Spirit of the living God -- Tune: Spirit Of The Living God Search!

#583 -- You are called to tell the story -- Tune: Larkin Search!

#585 -- Christ, you call us all to service -- Tune: In Babilone Search!

#663 -- God, whose giving knows no ending -- Tune: Rustington Search!

#668 -- Give us this day our daily bread -- Tune: Barbara Search!

#717 -- We cannot own the sunlit sky -- Tune: Endless Song Search!

#719 -- God in great love for us lent us this planet -- Tune: Stewardship Search!

#730 -- Oh for a world where everyone respects each other's ways -- Tune: Azmon Search!

#736 -- For the healing of the nations -- Tune: Grafton Search!

#774 -- God forgave my sin / Freely, freely -- Tune: Freely, Freely Search!

#775 -- Sent forth by your blessing -- Tune: Ash Grove Search!

#788 -- Come, know my joy, the Maker says -- Tune: Flight Of The Earls Search!

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