Heather's LEGOŽ Pages

My LUGNET membership page, including:

My Own Creations - now on their own page with annotations

What I have for sale at eBay

Heather's Attic: Brickbay store (now open!)

Ordering bulk LEGOŽ from LEGOŽ Direct? Here's a spreadsheet I made up in Excel 95/97 to fill in to make the job easier. Updated July 3, 2001 with the latest offerings including sand-red pieces.

Printed Parts Visual Reference (Prototype)

How to Create a Visual Inventory Document using MS-Excel (example here)

Favorite LEGOŽ links

To www.lugnet.com

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Partsref and Peeron: anything you ever wanted to know about what piece belongs to what set

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Coming soon... (read: one of these days)

Inventories I've compiled

Want list: pieces and sets

Trade list: pieces and sets


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