Heather's Creations

Here are all the things I've made out of LEGO, in real life or virtually, indexed alphabetically. Most of the pictures are hosted on Brickshelf.

  1. Animals ^
  2. Bride: me, once upon a time
  3. Fishermen in dory
  4. Hansom Cab
  5. Hedge Maze with elevated gazebo !
  6. Highwayman
  7. My House and furniture * ^
  8. Island Keep
  9. King Henry VIII and his wives
  10. La Isla Casera - a beach resort for pirates. (Has a web page to itself.)
  11. Neptune, ancient sea god
  12. My Office Cubicle, complete with self
  13. Oval Tower *
  14. Round Door *
  15. Spinning Wheel ^
  16. Spruce Tree ^
  17. Star Pool
  18. Swan Boat !!
  19. Telling Tales: an old pirate and his grandson ^ !!
  20. Tickle Cove Pond, woodsled and ice fisherman
  21. Wizard's Workshop

Movie: 'Some Assembly Required', made with my husband Bob. Castle theme; 20 seconds, 5 megs, AVI format.

* Unfinished or preliminary idea
^ DAT files available
!,!! Highlighted or Spotlighted

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Owl (DAT) Rabbit, sitting Rabbit, crouching Sheep


Made by Bob for our seventh anniversary in June 2000.


A no-longer-common sight in Newfoundland.

Tickle Cove Pond

This scene is named after the folk song. Notice the tracks in the snow left by the horse and sled.

Hansom Cab

One of my first MOCs, built with Bob's help.

Hedge Maze

Built on a 48-square baseplate; takes 158 bushes. I had intended for the gazebo to stand on four 2x2x7 lampposts, but they're not yet LDrawn. I'm pretty sure the grey low-slope corner pieces don't exist IRL, unfortunately.


From the poem of the same name. The inn is on my 'Future Projects' list.

My House

The first floor of the 100-year-old house my family and I live in. When I get around to building the stairs, I'll continue with the second and third floors.

Some of our furniture and fixtures.

*Armchair (DAT)
*Bookshelf (DAT)
*Book Stand (DAT)
*China Cabinet (DAT)
*Couch, 3 cushions long (DAT)
*Couch, 4 cushions long (DAT)
*Dish Shelf (DAT)
*Dishwasher (DAT)
*Easel, two-sided (DAT)
*Refrigerator (DAT)
*Glassware Shelf (DAT)
*Lamp on Table (DAT)
*Spice Shelf #1 (DAT)
*Spice Shelf #2 (DAT)
*Stove (DAT)
*Trunk (DAT)
*Vacuum Cleaner (DAT)

The Island Keep

This is my very first substantial MOC built in real life. It's built on a Dolphin Point baseplate, and almost exactly the shape of the island. The three levels are removable; the only interior details so far are staircases between them. Pictured are the lord and lady of the castle and the knight who stands guard over the tower door.

King Henry VIII and his wives

From left to right, in chronological order, they are Catherine of Aragon, Ann Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and Catherine Parr. Although they're not good likenesses of course, I tried to incorporate something of their features and characteristics; several carry symbols from their coats of arms (C of A's pomegranate, AB's falcon, JS's castle, KH's rose).  The two that were beheaded for adultery have wench's bodices; Jane Seymour, who died from complications of childbirth, had the only happy marriage, so she wears a smile.  Anne of Cleves was supposedly ugly but intelligent, hence the glasses and book.  Henry wears the red coat and chain of his well-known portrait.

file file file file


... a.k.a. Poseidon, god of the sea.

My Office Cubicle

The only customizing I've done with any pieces is to remove microphones from minifig heads, and this fig, representing Me, is an example. This was my cubicle from 1999 to 2001; we changed buildings in September, so I guess I'll have to build an up-to-date version.

Oval Tower

Just working out ways to use the Droid Escape panels as castle pieces. They're actually light grey, despite the off-colours in the photos.

An approximate MPD file, using six 4x4 quarter-round bricks for each panel.

Round Door

More parts from the Droid Escape.

The MPD file for the round door, with nifty animation steps.

Spinning Wheel

A minifig-scale spinning wheel, made with Technic parts so the wheel really turns.  An elastic band can be added for wool - the yellow ones are a good length.  Thanks to James P. for figuring out how to make it stand up.

The DAT file.

Spruce Tree

Somewhat tangled and uneven, but then, spruce trees are! Could benefit from a Technic axle down the middle for stability.

The DAT file.

Star Pool

In another part of the garden a little ways from the Maze, at the Star Pool, we encounter a young couple in a romantic moment.

Swan Boat

Just the thing for a quiet turn around the lake. The wings are on hinges in order to stand at the right angle.

Telling Tales

An old sea dog entertains his grandson with stories of his days on the Spanish Main... some true, some, well, perhaps inaccurately remembered. On the mantel is a model of the ship he once captained.

The DAT file of the ship.

Wizard's Workshop

Every wizard needs a place to keep his tomes and potions out of the rest of the castle. The fireplace turns to form the timeless secret passage. Mostly Bob's work; never photographed, but may be someday.

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