Sat, 10 Nov 2007

Hercules' river actually LEFT the stables

Yesterday evening there was an inch of water on the floor of the basement. Looks like we have a leak in our foundation somewhere... Bob suspects the worst possible place - behind the oil tank! Just to add to the fun, the litter box, regular pan-shape, was in the path... and the cats tend to kick stuff out of it. You can imagine, but not while eating. Bob spent most of the evening shoveling water and slop. Haven't I been saying we needed a fire? Flood's just as good. There are eight bags of garbage in the alley, including the sneakers Bob was wearing, and more to come.

And our dryer is broken, until Tuesday at the earliest. And the renovators are coming to put new windows in throughout the lower two floors, next week or week after. We had planned already to spend the weekend housecleaning, but not including this cramp in our style. I did, while Bob was shoveling, gut the kitchen, and today got Eleanor's room whipped into shape, so that's something. Jean has been working on her room, but it's a longer term project and not a primary renovation target this time round. The living room, our bedroom, and study remain. I'm only typing this while recharging.

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