Mon, 15 Oct 2007

Rip Van Winkle awakes from sleep

Welcome back, everyone. (Anyone who's still here, that is?) This blog has been down since early summer, since Aliant took away my static address that I was using to host the web server under my desk. I've found a new home for the site, and I'm in the process of re-doing all the little tweaks and weirdness that were possible with one's one server but aren't when one is hosting elsewhere. (The old blog entries are all mis-dated, so that's going to take a while to fix!) Similarly the Hymn Search site was very customized and is now quite broken. In the meantime, I've found several quickie alternatives: my Flickr page is still running and showing off all my pictures; Twitter catches random thoughts via my cellphone (and updates Google Calendar and adds things to Remember the Milk, both very useful features when not in front of the screen); you can nose into my music, books, and bookmarks at, LibraryThing and respectively.

And I've succumbed to the pull of Facebook. I had no idea there were so many people on it. Almost 60,000 self-identify in the St. John's network - that's half the population! I think a lot of it is silly and I'll probably lose most of my interest after I play with it for a while, but plan to keep up at least a daily status update and to check in to see everyone. I've already found out how to get Flickr, Librarything, and Twitter onto the one page there, and there's something I read about streamlining group emails which sounds fantastic.

Longer missives will still appear here, although one-offs I will probably leave in the other specialty venues. Tweaking and fiddling and re-programming will continue until morale improves.

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