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#30 -- God is our refuge and our strength -- Tune: Stroudwater Search!

#72 -- Oh give thanks, for God is gracious -- Tune: Wylde Green Search!

#83 -- I was glad when they said to me -- Tune: I Was Glad Search!

#88 -- Unless the Lord constructs the house -- Tune: Bristol Search!

#127 -- Sleepers, wake! -- Tune: Wachet Auf Search!

#483 -- Glorious things of thee are spoken -- Tune: Austria Search!

#608 -- Oh what their joy and their glory must be -- Tune: O Quanta Qualia Search!

#680 -- Christ, of all my hopes the ground -- Tune: Mozart Search!

#711 -- O holy city, seen of John -- Tune: Morning Song Search!

#720 -- Our cities cry to you, O God -- Tune: The Third Tune Search!

#721 -- All who love and serve your city -- Tune: Charlestown Search!

#760 -- Where cross the crowded ways of life -- Tune: Walton (Fulda) Search!

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