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#2 -- How many are against me, Lord -- Tune: Adon Olam Search!

#16 -- I worship you, O Lord -- Tune: Bishop Tucker Search!

#18 -- Through all the changing scenes of life -- Tune: Wiltshire Search!

#23 -- I waited for the Lord my God -- Tune: Balerma Search!

#71 -- It is good to give thanks to you, Lord -- Tune: New 106Th Search!

#75 -- I love you, Lord, for you have heard my voice -- Tune: Genevan 116 Search!

#76 -- I love the Lord -- Tune: St. Paul Search!

#85 -- Now Israel may say -- Tune: Old 124Th Search!

#97 -- We thank you, Lord, for you are good -- Tune: Was Gott Tut Search!

#467 -- Praise, my soul, the God who crowns you -- Tune: Praise, My Soul Search!

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