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#15 -- The Lord's my light -- Tune: St. Magnus Search!

#32 -- Within your temple, Lord -- Tune: St. John Search!

#52 -- How lovely is thy dwelling place -- Tune: Harington Search!

#53 -- How lovely, Lord, how lovely -- Tune: Merle's Tune Search!

#65 -- All people that on earth do dwell -- Tune: Old 100Th Search!

#83 -- I was glad when they said to me -- Tune: I Was Glad Search!

#84 -- I joyed when to the house of God -- Tune: St. Paul Search!

#428 -- We love your house, O God -- Tune: Quam Dilecta Search!

#444 -- Sweet is the solemn voice -- Tune: Hamburg (Voice Divine) Search!

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