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Welcome to the Record of Hymns for St. David's Church. Here you will find the melody and full scores of the hymns, in MIDI format, sung within specified dates. We hope that if you, our congregation, can have an advance listen to what we'll be singing, you'll feel more comfortable lifting your voice with us. If you'd like to hear the alto, tenor, or bass line separated from the rest, just e-mail Heather.

Every Sunday we sing: Praise God from whom all blessings flow (#830) or We give thee but thine own (#661) after the offering; and Three-Fold Amen (#780) after the benediction.

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Numbered hymns are from the 1997 (black) Book of Praise; please see that volume for complete copyright listing. More information on the Book of Praise can be found within the Presbyterian Church in Canada website.

The MIDIs should play in your Web browser when clicked on, if you are using an up-to-date version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. You may also right-click on them to save them to disk and use a stand-alone MIDI player to hear them. See Tips and Tools for more technical info.

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April 14, 2006 Info

[Info] #347 There were ninety and nine MIDIs coming soon MIDIs coming soon Lyrics
Music: public domain --- Words: public domain

[Info] #210 Man of sorrows, wondrous name (melody) (full) Lyrics
Music: public domain --- Words: public domain

[Info] #233 Were you there when they crucified my Lord    Lyrics
Music: Melva Wilson Costen --- Words: public domain

[Info] #657 Woman in the night     
Music: Selah Publishing Co --- Words: Hope Publishing Company

[Info] #679 God, when I stand (melody) (full)  
Music: public domain --- Words: Rev. Herbert O'Driscoll

[Info] #320 There is a green hill far away MIDIs coming soon MIDIs coming soon Lyrics
Music: public domain --- Words: public domain

[Info] #238 Beneath the cross of Jesus (melody) (full) Lyrics
Music: public domain --- Words: public domain

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