Hymn #440: For all the love

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1. For all the love that from our earliest days
has gladdened life and brightened all our days,
we bring you, Lord, our song of grateful praise,

2. For all the truth from wisdom's lighted page
undimmed and pure, that shines from age to age,
God's holy word, our priceless heritage,

3. For all the joy that childhood's days have brought,
the gifts of life, of sense and heart and thought,
of life's deep meaning to our spirits taught,

4. For all the hope that sheds its glorious ray
along the dark and unknown future way,
and lights the path to God's eternal day,

5. For all the strength that we have gained through prayer,
to face life's tasks, its eager quests to share,
till ampler powers fulfil its promise fair,

6. For Christ the Lord, our Saviour and our friend,
upon whose love and truth our souls depend,
our hope, our strength, our joy that knows no end,

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