Hymn #180: How brightly beams the morning star

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1. How brightly beams the morning star!
What sudden radiance from afar
doth glad us with its shining?
Brightness of God, that breaks our night
and fills the darkened souls with light,
who long for truth were pining.

Newly, truly,
God's word feeds us, rightly leads us,
life bestowing.
Praise, oh praise such love o'erflowing.

2. All praise the One who came to save,
who conquered death and scorned the grave;
each day new praise resoundeth;
the Truth, the Life who once was slain,
the Friend whom none shall trust in vain,
with grace for aye aboundeth.

Sing then; ring then;
tell the story filled with glory,
till these praises
flood with light earth's darkest places.

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