Hymn #516: A little child the Saviour came

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l. A little child the Saviour came;
the mighty God was still his name,
and angels worshipped as he lay
the helpless infant of a day.

2. Christ Jesus, as a child, did show
the way of life for all to know;
now Christ proclaims the message free,
'Let little children come to me.'

3. We bring them, Lord, and, with the sign
of sprinkled water, name them thine:
their souls with saving grace endow;
baptize them with thy Spirit now.

4. Oh give thine angels charge, good Lord,
them safely in thy way to guard;
thy blessing on their lives command,
and write their names upon thy hand.

5. O thou, who by an infant's tongue
dost hear thy perfect glory sung;
may these, with all the heavenly host,
praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

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